The Power of Advocacy: Lessons Learned from HIV Advocates


In the 1980s, HIV was an unfamiliar and stigmatized disease that created panic in people who didn’t understand it. This fear of the unknown created an uphill battle for advocates who were working to find the best and most human treatment for HIV patients. During this session, we will discuss lessons that advocates learned as they found dignity for patients amid controversy, and how having a voice at the table, rather than shouting from the sidelines, led to significant change. The attendees in The Advocacy Exchange share a relentless passion for creating change in their areas. Join us for this courageous and authentic conversation, which will include opportunities for you to ask questions and/or share your experience(s).


Neil Bertelsen
HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Group
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Louise Binder
Health Policy Consultant, Save Your Skin Foundation
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Jim Howley
Senior Director and Hematology Lead, Patient Advocacy, Bristol Myers Squibb
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