Safely Returning to Clinical Trials


Since the coronavirus pandemic started, clinical trial recruitment and enrollment is down 40-60% across therapeutic areas. As the quarantine period ends, we are left with many questions about how to safely move forward with research, especially for patients suffering from serious, life-threatening diseases that might increase their risk of dying from COVID-19. This session will bring together the experts who sponsor, conduct, staff, and recruit clinical trials to discuss the challenges and potential solutions that will enable continued access to novel, life-saving medications for patients around the world.


Catherine Owen
Senior Vice President, Major Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb
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Kathleen Griffin
Executive Director, Partnerships and Digital Engagement, Syneos Health
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Dr. Amy C. Moore
Director, Science & Research, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer
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Upal Basu Roy PhD, MPH
Vice President of Research, LUNGevity Foundation
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Christopher D. Ferris MD, PhD, MPH
Gastroenterologist, Tryon Medical Partners
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Dave Craig
CEO and CoFounder, GRYT Health
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