Co-Creating Health Equity by Including Lived Experiences


Although the opportunity for all people to attain the highest quality of life is becoming part of global healthcare discussions, the voices of those with lived experiences are too often excluded.

During the last two years, Advocacy Exchange members have shared their expertise and lived experiences in four working groups. These working groups are now harnessing all of the advocate perspectives to co-create and drive two projects in 2023. The first project will be the creation of a resource for individuals who are experiencing discrimination in the healthcare system. The second will be the creation of a tool for individuals and allies who want to utilize their voice to create health equity structural change.

We hope you’ll join us and contribute to this powerful conversation with our Working Group leaders – Sheila Thorne, Brad Love, Neil Bertelsen, and Gary Nolan – as we talk about what we can accomplish together and how we will make our mark in healthcare through these advocate-driven efforts.


Dave Craig
CEO, Gryt Health
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Sheila Thorne
President and CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC
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Brad Love, PhD.
Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer, Gryt Health
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Neil Bertelsen
HTAi Patient and Citizen Involvement Group
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Gary Nolan
Chief Executive Officer, Colab Health
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