Assertiveness is Not Aggression: Accessible Strategies to Advocate for Quality Care


While managing care for yourself and your loved ones, asking questions and discussing alternative options can be intimidating, especially while navigating personalities, treatment decisions, and unknown medical terminology. It’s not always clear how best to communicate with providers and staff to get the best care for your individual needs. This session, sparked by conversation in the Advocacy Exchange in 2021, will examine how to effectively ask for what you need – both for yourself and your loved ones – while balancing personal wellness. Join us as Gary Nolan, leader of “The Future of Advocacy Working Group,” moderates this panel discussion featuring Kelly Cuvar, Nancy Ferro, Colin Ferro, and Megan-Claire Chase, as they share their personal and professional experiences and suggest best practices to make the most of your relationship with your healthcare providers.


Gary Nolan
Chief Executive Officer, Colab Health
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Megan-Claire Chase
Patient Advocate
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Kelly Cuvar
Political Consultant and Healthcare Policy Advisor
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Colin Ferro
Director Of Operations, Epic Experience
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Nancy Ferro
Founder and Executive Director, Epic Experience
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