Patient Advocacy is Integrating Lived Experience in Medicines Development


As science intersects with humanity, the patient voice is the most underutilized ingredient to improving health outcomes. Please join us as we hear the lived experiences of diverse patients in medicines development, and learn why your voice is essential to the co-creation of two new resources designed to help people navigate their healthcare journeys, support peers, and change healthcare systems.

Advocacy is doing things medicine developers need by amplifying representative experiences that are critical to how medicines are evaluated. Now that the FDA requires medicine developers to report the steps they’re taking to be more inclusive, this creates a unique opportunity for collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem. As the pharmaceutical industry wants to ensure people understand how important they are in the earlier stages of development, advocacy is essential to amplifying those patient voices and improving health outcomes. We invite you to this discussion about the importance of lived experiences in medicines development.


Sheila Thorne
President and CEO, Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC
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Lorena Kuri (she/her/hers)
Head Diversity Strategy R&D, Bristol Myers Squibb
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Barry Nelson
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Ashley Ratcliff (she/her/hers)
Director, Communications & Operations, We Are ILL
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