Resilience: Leading in a Reset World Workshop


As our companies operate against the backdrop of an unfolding global pandemic and a massive societal change, a new reality is emerging. Disruption that seemed like a sprint is proving to be a marathon. The “new normal” is never returning.

This has significant implications for leaders and the organizations they lead. With no “end in sight”, we are at immense risk of burnout as we struggle to balance work and life demands. Amid disruption, we must tend to our wellbeing and those we are charged to lead. This starts with resilience.

In this workshop, Gagen MacDonald will offer practical approaches to keep you and your organization resilient. Specifically, we will:

  • Explore the science behind resilience and how to stay grounded as leaders in the face of transformational change
  • Convey the growing importance of rich and effectivehuman-to-human connection in the midst of disruption
  • Share advice, tips and tools to keep your organizations resilient as you return to the workplace and lead others in the world of remote work
  • Provide approaches to help maintain your own peak resilience in the face of personal stresses and challenges


Ann M. Powell
Global Chief Human Resource Officer, Bristol Myers Squibb
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Charlene Wheeless
Senior Advisor, Gagen MacDonald
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Maril MacDonald
CEO and Founder, Gagen MacDonald
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Patricia Bayerlein
Executive Director, Gagen MacDonald
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