Welcome & Introduction


This is an unprecedented time for healthcare systems around the world. We, as patient advocates, are rushing to understand the impact on our communities and to figure out the best way to offer aid, resources, and support. This first session will focus on framing the problems that we all face so we can begin to tackle them together. Our panel will open the conversation by addressing two questions: How has COVID affected your ability to engage with your community? and What initial steps have you taken to help your community?


Dave Craig
CEO and CoFounder, GRYT Health
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Cathy Trzaskawka
Executive Director & Head, Global Advocacy, Bristol Myers Squibb
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Catherine Owen
Senior Vice President, Major Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb
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Wayne Eskridge
CEO, Fatty Liver Foundation
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Seth D. Ginsberg
CO-Founder, Global Healthy Living Foundation (GHLF)
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Andrea Vassalotti
Partnerships & Programmes Director, World Heart Federation
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Gary Nolan
Chief Executive Officer, Colab Health
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