Getting Back to Work


COVID has caused unprecedented disruption to the global economy, leaving millions of people without jobs, or a plan for how and when to return to work. While some companies have developed detailed strategies to maintain safety, many others do not have the means or infrastructure to invoke health screenings or social distancing rules. Compounding this, there has been little discussion of the difficulties facing chronic disease patients – particularly the immunosuppressed and those at greater risk from COVID – when getting back to work. Because of this, patients across the world may soon need to become more open about their health conditions with their employers, offering an opportunity to redefine how we think about chronic disease in the workplace.


Tinamarie Duff
Global Lead, Differently-Abled Workplace Network (DAWN) People and Business Resource Group, Bristol Myers Squibb
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Noreen Gleason
Executive Director, Business Continuity and Corporate Event Response Team Lead, Bristol Myers Squibb
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