My Disease Does Not Define Me: Stigma and Perceptions of Chronic Illness


People with chronic illnesses often manage multiple layers of their condition. In addition to an array of physical symptoms and side effects, emotional challenges and social implications can be associated with both visible and invisible parts of the disease. Please join us for an engaging discussion about disease-related stigma and the impact it can have on a person’s daily life, including themes such as mental health, isolation, cultural and societal standards, and workplace stigma.

By understanding the diverse lived experiences of others, and talking openly about what challenges people face, we bridge the gap between patient obstacles and solutions, as these discussions inform the research and care teams that have a direct impact on medicines development and patient outcomes. We welcome you to participate in The Advocacy Exchange and keep moving healthcare forward.


Dave Craig
CEO, Gryt Health

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Yisel Martinez, LCSW (she/her)
Bristol Myers Squibb

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Tricia Yap
Vice President, WWC Dermatology & Rheumatology, Bristol Myers Squibb
Jannarie Zarzoso (she/her)
President, PsorPhil, Miss Universe Philippines Finalist

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Ingvar Agust Ingvarsson
Vice President of the Board of IFPA, IFPA

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